Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Kentucky voters choose status quo gubernatorial candidates

Yesterday was a disappointing day in Kentucky politics. Voters overwhelmingly choose former Lt. Gov. Steve Beshear as the Democrat gubernatorial nominee and Incumbent Ernie Fletcher as the Republican nominee. Both are big spending liberals that like to go hog wild with Kentuckians' tax dollars. Why didn't more voters consider voting for candidates such as Billy Harper or Gatewood Galbraith in order to shake things up? I guess Kentuckians are complacent with having the hillbilly good old boy politician rather than a true reformer that could make the Commonwealth a better place.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Ernie Fletcher's most significant accomplishment as Governor

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Time for Ernie Fletcher to release Legal Defense Fund Donors List

What does Gov. Ernie Fletcher have to hide? Fletcher refuses to release his Merit System legal defense fund donors list until after the election in November. His campaign's excuse is just plain silly and stupid. They say Attorney General Greg Stumbo might go after the donors if the list is released before he is out of office.

There's speculation that the fund donors may be contractors that are getting preferential treatment because they donated money to Fletcher. I and others can only conclude that Fletcher has something to hide since he refuses to release the list until after the election. What an embarrassment to the GOP.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Words to Remember

This comes from a recent Rolling Stone magazine interview with Bob Dylan. Good words to remember during this election season in Kentucky.

Jann: Do you worry about Global Warming?

Bob: Where's the global warming? It's freezing here.

Jann: It seems a pretty frightening outlook.

Bob: I think what you're driving at, though, is we expect politicians to solve all our problems. I don't expect politicians to solve anybody's problems.

Jann: Who is going to solve them?

Bob: Our own selves. We've got to take the world by the horns and solve our own problems. The world owes us nothing, each and every one of us, the world owes us not one single thing. Politicans or whoever.

Evidently there aren't many conservatives in Kentucky

How does someone that calls themselves a conservative Republican NOT vote for Billy Harper? Since when does polished saccharine rhetoric mean more than principled beliefs? Harper is the only honest candidate out there. He is not a primed politician, but, rather, a man with conservative ideas and beliefs that will move Kentucky out of the stone ages. Fletcher and Northup offer more of the same mediocre status quo. Anyone that calls themselves a Reagan Republican and casts his vote for Fletcher or Northup should should re-evaluate what he calls himself. Republican in Name Only would be a more fitting name.

Steve Beshear's gaming utopia

Gubernatorial candidate Steve Beshear is tonight's Johnny one note on the KET debate. He believes if gaming is passed the Commonwealth with have a plethora of new government programs and projects. An excuse to spend even more tax dollars like crazy. This guy sounds like he's still stuck in lobbyist mode instead gubernatorial mode.

If elected Governor, Jody Richards will refuse to cut any type of spending

Reporter Tom Loftus grilled Jody Richards what spending would be cut if the AMC was eliminated. Richards evidently believes money magically grows on trees. He says he believes that no spending will have to be cut. Give me a break.

Gatewood tears his Democrat opponents a new one

Gatewood Galbraith is the star of the second Democrat Gubernatorial debate. We're not even halfway through the debate and Gatewood is clearly making the most sense. Best line so far: "Jody Richards is a mile wide and an inch deep." Status Quo Jody wasn't happy.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Bob Barr records campaign message for Ernie Fletcher

Former Georgia Congressman Bob Barr has recorded a campaign phone message for Ernie Fletcher. In the message, Barr, a former Republican turned Libertarian, backs up Fletcher's claim that Anne Northup did not support voluntary prayer in schools while she was in Congress.

I don't understand why Bob Barr has recorded a campaign message for Kentucky's esteemed spineless governor. Maybe they were buds in Congress?

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Kentucky Club for Growth releases 2007 General Assembly Scorecard

The Kentucky Club for Growth has just released its 2007 General Assembly scorecard. The scorecard ranks legislators based on their support of economic growth issues. Unfortunately, only two legislators, Stan Lee and Jim DeCesare, scored high enough to receive the Kentucky Defender of Economic Freedom Award. Hopefully, this scorecard will make Kentuckians more aware about how their Senators and Representatives vote on important fiscal issues.

Monday, April 16, 2007

A vast right wing conspiracy in Kentucky?

During tonight's KET Democrat gubernatorial debate, Jody Richards dismissed the Senate's pension overhaul plan as a right wing ploy by Grover Norquist and ALEC. Ok, Speaker Richards, how exactly to you propose that the state reforms its pension system? I have heard no feasible solution whatsoever come out of Speaker Richards' mouth. Pumping more money into a overly generous pension system will not result in a better system. If something is not done soon, then, eventually all Kentuckians will have to pay higher taxes in order to pay for state employee and legislator pensions. Here's a fine question: How much do legislators receive in pensions? Unfortunately, no one knows the answer since those records are protected under the Kentucky Retirements System. That info should be public.